Poupehan sur Semois

Tourist Office of Bouillon, local section of Poupehan

Vue of the village

Poupehan sur Semois

A small and tranquil village, situated in the south of an incline from Belgium the Ardennes. Located along one of the most beautyful rivers in Belgium. Surrounded by woods and hills which provide numerous outstanding viewing-points.

An excellent area to visit for those who love to walk, ride a mountainbike, canoe, repose or go fishing. And the Semois is an excellent lido too.

The laundrette of Poupehan A tobacco drying shed  

The houses of Poupehan made of natural brickes and roofs of slate kept their authentieke caracter. Many tobacco-barns(now also used to dry wood) here and there in the champs or behind the houses and the wash-house in the middle of the village, remenber past times, when the villagers all worked in the tobacco-culture and the laundry in the wash-houses.

Poupehan is proud of its natural estate: the natural borders of the Semois. Many viewing-points : Croisette, Goutelles, Roche Gilquin and the 'Chaire à prêcher' from where Peter the hermit preached to the habitants of the valley , to convice them to go with Godefroid of Bouillon on the first crusade (legend), Rocher du Midi, Rocher aux Eperviers, site classé de Merleuxhan.

Kayak Poupehan under snow

A tourist's map for walking and mountainbiking is for sale in the village.


Via Brussels - Namur (Namen) E411 exit 25 - Bouillon N89 - Corbion N810 - Poupehan N893
Via Liège (Luik) E25 - E411 direction Namur exit 25 - Bouillon N89 - Corbion N810 - Poupehan N893

Village of Poupehan 

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